tiredofbeingalonewolf asked:

If there are no rescues where you live, you could try and help start one in your community. If pet overpopulation isn't a problem where you live yet, that doesn't mean it won't be soon if dogs aren't spayed/neutered and keep having more puppies than there are homes for. Responsible breeders are better than irresponsible ones, but they are contributing to the death of shelter dogs, because every purebred dog that is bought fills up a slot where a shelter dog could have been instead.



To be completely honest, I don’t like people who try to guilt trip me. You can’t make me feel like I’m responsible for something I didn’t do thank you very much.

If there are only responsible breeders, there are no shelters because responsible breeders take back dogs that don’t work out and rehome them. 
The only reason why overpopulation is a problem in the US is because of irresponsible idiots and lack of education.